September 19, 2013

DIY Wedding Earrings

Designing and making your own wedding jewellery can be a fun and easy project. You can also make jewellery for your bridesmaids that will coordinate with their dresses, and can be worn long after your wedding day. You can find a wealth of ideas and inspiration for your design from countless sources, and there is no shortage of places to find supplies.

When designing your jewellery identify some key features of your dress. What stands out about the dress? Think of ways you can compliment the features of the dress and use this as a starting point. You will also want to identify the overall style of your wedding and think of ideas that will compliment your event. Another important factor to consider is how the style and colours of the jewellery you are designing will work with your face, and the way you plan on styling your hair.

Tools Needed
Round nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutter

12 mm Crystals
6 mm Silver glitter beads
Ear wires
Filigree end caps
65 mm Flat head pins

1. Collect your tools and supplies

2. Place an end cap on the flat head pin, followed by a crystal, then another end cap and end with a silver glitter bead

3. Bend the pin at an angle against the glitter bead

4. Using a wire cutter, cut the pin leaving several millimetres and turn the end of the remaining pin with a round nose pliers to form a loop

5. Gripping the loop with a needle nose pliers straighten the earring

6. Use the needle nose pliers to open the loop on the ear wires slightly, place the earring loop into the opening then close the opening

*I used premium silver plated components and sterling silver ear wires for this project. Some individuals have a reaction to fashion jewellery, so using a sterling silver ear wire is an added step that can make a difference.

I hope that you have enjoyed this project and will share with us your creations. Check out our other great projects and join us on Pinterest and Facebook for more great wedding ideas.

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