July 18, 2013

Our Wedding Story

Don and I met on a Toronto streetcar at the end of October, 2007. I looked up and saw him looking over at me with a warm smile and stunning blue eyes. Apparently, he had been observing me for the first half of our ride, while I was in my own little world. He asked me to join him for coffee that evening, and after a flirtatious couple of hours at a local cafe we parted ways. After kicking myself for not getting his telephone number, I resolved myself with the thought that chances are in a big city like Toronto we would never meet again.

I had just about forgotten about our little coffee date when just before Christmas I received a call from him. We met for dinner, but once again neither of us really followed up. After that evening we would talk occasionally on the phone for hours, but did not get together. During this time we both moved within the city, but kept running into each other. On February 14, 2008, we went on a date and it became clear to both of us that we have a connection that neither of us had ever felt before. After five months of officially dating and barely being apart, Don proposed and without hesitation I said yes.

When Don and I were planning our wedding, we first put together a statement about what we wanted from the day. The date we had set was only weeks away, so we did not have a lot of time and we wanted to have a clear vision of our wedding day. We knew that we wanted our wedding to be intimate and in a natural setting. We also wanted it to be executed with the least amount of fuss, yet be a warm celebration of our love and new life together. We invited our close family members and decided to have a garden wedding at Edwards Gardens, Toronto.

On August 15, 2008 my husband Don and I had a beautiful garden ceremony at Edwards Gardens, Toronto. We exchanged our vows under the gazebo with just our close family members as witnesses. On that beautiful summer's day, along with my son Matthew we became a family. Our ceremony was officiated by an ordained minister, and Don and I wrote our vows. The beautiful garden setting provided a wonderful backdrop for our wedding ceremony. It was also a great location to take pictures.

After our garden ceremony we joined our family for an intimate dinner at Baton Rouge Restaurant, Yonge Street, Toronto. The following day we continued our celebration with a casual BBQ that included our friends and family. We felt blessed to have our loved ones present and were both excited about starting our new life together. We could not be happier with the way our wedding turned out and the love and excitement we felt continues in our hearts today.

My wedding dress was 100% silk with a satin ribbon sash. It was handmade by a close friend and myself. I also made my hair fascinator, jewellery and the wedding flowers. Don wore a 100% linen suit, in a similar colour as my dress. Our wedding was an intimate event and we exchanged matching hammered gold wedding bands. It was a beautiful day and a perfect fit for our personalities.

This summer Don and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. The time has passed by so quickly. We are now a family of four and the love and friendship we share inspires and motivates us each day.

Details: Wedding Dress Supplies: Designer Fabrics | Wedding Dress Pattern: Vogue V8472 | Ribbon: Mokuba, 416-504-5358| Headpiece Supplies: Sussman's, 416-703-1160 | Ceremony: Edward Gardens, 416-397-1340 | Flowers: Davenport Flower Shops | Reception: Baton Rouge Restaurant, 416-218-0094.

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